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Owain Gwynedd and Louis VII : the Franco-Welsh diplomacy of the first Prince of Wales / by Huw Pryce. View Article
Dampnified villagers : taxation in Wales during the First Civil War / by Martyn Bennett. View Article
The mountaineering of Wales, 1880-1925 R. Merfyn Jones. View Article
Lloyd George, Welsh Liberalism and the political crisis of 1931 J. Graham Jones. View Article
'Clearing up misconceptions' : the campaign to set up birth control clinics in South Wales between the wars / Kate Fisher. View Article
Select digest of manuscript accessions to repositories 1996 relating to the history of Wales View Article
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The Cambridge illustrated history of medicine. Book review. Virginia Berridge. View Article
A history of the British Isles. Book review. Keith Robbins. View Article
The end of Roman Britain. Book review. Peter Salway. View Article
The Lords of battle: image and reality of the comitatus in dark-age Britain. Book review. D.P. Kirby. View Article
The Lord Rhys, Prince of Deheubarth. Book review. Huw Pryce. View Article
The reign of Henry III. Book review. R. Malcolm Hogg. View Article
National redeemer: Owain Glyndŵr in Welsh tradition. Book review. Tecwyn Vaughan Jones. View Article
Marriage, family and law in medieval Europe: collected studies. Book review. S.J. Payling. View Article
Wales and Britain in the early modern world, c.1500-c.1760/Cymru a Phrydain yn y byd modern cynnar, tua 1500-tua 1760. Book review. J. Gwynfor Jones. View Article
Robert Persons: the biography of an Elizabethan Jesuit, 1546-1610. Book review. R. Geraint Gruffydd. View Article
Y drych Kristnogawl: llawysgrif Caerdydd 3.240. Book review. Geraint R. Gruffudd. View Article
Guide to the department of manuscripts and records: the National Library of Wales. Book review. David W. Howell. View Article
Fire in the thatch: the true nature of religious revival. Book review. Eryn M. White. View Article
Cwm Aman. Book review. Heini Gruffudd. View Article
An Anglican aristocracy: the moral economy of the landed estate in Carmarthenshire. Book review. F.M.L Thompson. View Article
Housing in the Rhondda. Book review. Bernard Morris. View Article
Citizenship and community: Liberals, radicals and collective identities in the British Isles, 1865-1931. Book review. Duncan Tanner. View Article
Power, culture and conflict in the coalfields: West Virginia and South Wales. Book review. Chris Williams. View Article
The Edwardian crisis: Britain, 1910-1914. Book review. Martin Pugh. View Article
Capital cities at war. London, Paris, Berlin 1914-1918. Book review. A.J. Nicholls. View Article
Growing up in Wales, 1895-1939. Book review. Deirdre Beddoe. View Article
Researching local history: the human journey. Book review. Madeleine Gray. View Article
The surnames of Wales for family historians and others. Book review. Prys Morgan. View Article
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The King's cousin : The life, career and Welsh connection of Sir Richard Pole, 1458-1504. Hazel Pierce. View Article
'An invidious attempt to accelerate the extinction of our language' : the abolition of The Court of Great Sessions and the Welsh language / Mark Ellis Jones. View Article
The Welsh in Canada : historical sources / M.E. Chamberlain. View Article
Social class, curriculum and the concept of relevance in secondary education : industrial Glamorgan, 1889-1914 / Gordon Roderick. View Article
Theses on Welsh history David Lewis Jones. View Article
[section heading] View Article
Enlli. Book review. A.D. Carr. View Article
The charters of the Abbey of Ystrad Marchell. Book review. Christopher Holdsworth. View Article
Medieval Welsh literature. Book review. Christine James. View Article
Law and disorder in Thirteenth-Century Ireland, The Dublin parliament of 1297. Book review. Rees Davies. View Article
The dissolution of the Lancastrian Kingship. Sir John Fortescue and the crisis of Monarchy in Fifteenth Century England. Book review. Michael Hicks. View Article
Wales and the reformation. Book review. C.S.L. Davies. View Article
John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, 1504-1553. Book review. A.G.R. Smith. View Article
The British problem, c1534-1707. State formation in the Atlantic archipelago. Book review. Penry Williams. View Article
History and biography: essays in honour of Derek Beales. Book review. Hugh Dunthorne. View Article
The diary of William Thomas of Michaelston-Super-Ely, near St. Fagans, Glamorgan, 1762-1795. Book review. John Spurr. View Article
Disraeli and the rise of a new imperialism. Book review. John Davidson. View Article
Yr 'Adolygydd' a'r 'Beirniad' : eu cynnwys a'u cyfranwyr. Book review. Bleddyn Owen Huws. View Article
Federal Britain: a history. Book review. D. George Boyce. View Article
The Conservatives and British society, 1880-1990 : Book review. Vernon Bogdanor. View Article
Tir Neb: rhyddiaith Gymraeg a'r rhyfel byd cyntaf. Book review. M. Wynn Thomas. View Article
Callaghan: a life. Book review. Chris Wrigley. View Article
Philosophy, history and civilization: interdisciplinary perspectives on R.G. Collingwood. Book review. Howard Williams. View Article
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'The last and weakest of his line' : Dafydd ap Gruffydd, the last Prince of Wales / A.D. Carr. View Article
Mercantile shipbuilding activity in South-West Wales, 1740-1829 M.D. Matthews. View Article
'Learning suitable to the situation of the poorest classes' : the National Society and Wales / by H.G. Williams. View Article
'Disturbing the peace of the county' : the Carmarthenshire General Election of 1868 / Ioan Matthews. View Article
Sir Alfred Mond, Carmarthenshire and the 'Green book' J. Graham Jones. View Article
Knighted Welsh landowners, 1485-1558 : corrigenda / W.R.B. Robinson. View Article
Major accessions to repositories in 1997 relating to Welsh history Mary Ellis. View Article
[section heading] View Article
The horse in Celtic culture. Medieval Welsh perspectives. Book review. Ceri Davies. View Article
The Lords of Cemais. Book review. Glanmor Williams. View Article
Ireland and Britain, 1170-1450. Book review. Brendan Smith. View Article
The invention of the crusades. Book review. John France. View Article
Robert Ferrar, Yorkshire monk, reformation Bishop and martyr in Wales (c.1500-1555). Book review. Glanmor Williams. View Article
Monmouthshire wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1560-1601. Book review. W.P. Griffith. View Article
Religion and society in England and Wales, 1689-1800. Book review. John Spurr. View Article
Politics in Eighteenth-Century Wales. Book review. John Cannon. View Article
Calvinists incorporated: Welsh immigrants on Ohio's industrial frontier. Book review. Bill Jones. View Article
Kith and Kin. Canada, Britain and the United States from the revolution to the Cold War. Book review. Michael Keating. View Article
An Anglo-Welsh teaching dynasty: the Adams family from the 1840s to the 1930s. Book review. Gareth Elwyn Jones. View Article
Diffinio dwy lenyddiaeth Cymru. Book review. Gareth Alban Davies. View Article
Shipowners of Cardiff. A class by themselves: a history of the Cardiff and Bristol Channel incorporated shipowners' association. Book review. Bill Jones. View Article
Alfred Russel Wallace, gwyddonydd anwyddonol. Book review. Walford Gealy. View Article
The University of Wales, 1893-1939. The University of Wales, 1939-1993. Book review. Susan M. Parkes. View Article
Cyfres y cymoedd: Cwm Cynon. Book review. Robert Smith. View Article
Gladstone. Book review. Keith Robbins. View Article
Building Jerusalem: nonconformity, Labour and the social question in Wales, 1906-1939. Book review. Ian Machin. View Article
Wales and Britain, 1906-1951. Book review. Gareth Elwyn Jones. View Article
Mountain Ash, Penrhiwceiber and Abercynon. Book review. J.M. Lewis. View Article
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Articles relating to the history of Wales published mainly in 1996 Sean Davies, Peter Freeman. View Article
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Gruffudd ap Cynan and the Hiberno-Norse world David Wyatt. View Article
The French invasion of Pembrokeshire in 1797: a bicentennial assessment Roland Quinault. View Article
'Wales for the Welsh'?: the Welsh County Court judgeships, c. 1868-1900 Mark Ellis Jones. View Article
Falling on deaf ears? : Canadian promotion and Welsh emigration to the Prairies Wayne K. D. Davies. View Article
'Organise the training of Welsh teachers and liberalise their education': Tom Ellis and the reform of teaching W. Gareth Evans. View Article
[section heading] View Article
Literacy in Medieval Celtic societies. Book review. Kari L. Maund. View Article
Y canu gofyn a diolch c.1350-c.1630. Book review. Rhidian Griffiths. View Article
Power in Tudor England. Book review. G.W. Bernard. View Article
British consciousness and identity: the making of Britain, 1533-1707. Book review. Steven G. Ellis. View Article
Dismembering the body politic: Partisan politics in England's towns, 1650-1730. Book review. Rosemary Sweet. View Article
The Welsh language before the industrial revolution. Book review. Dafydd Johnston. View Article
Queen of the Methodists: the Countess of Huntingdon and the Eighteenth-Century crisis of faith and society. Book review. Geraint H. Jenkins. View Article
A Welsh house and its family: the Vaughans of Trawsgoed. Book review. David W. Howell. View Article
Iaith carreg fy aelwyd: iaith a chymuned yn y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg (hanes cymdeithasol yr iaith Gymraeg). Book review. W.P. Griffith. View Article
Conflict and coexistence: nationalism and democracy in modern Europe. essays in honour of Harry Hearder. Book review. Gareth Popkins. View Article
Romilly's visits to Wales, 1827-1854. Book review. Richard Suggett. View Article
The mid-Victorian generation, 1846-1886. Book review. Mathew Cragoe. View Article
History of Trinity College, Carmarthen, 1848-1998. Book review. D.T.W. Price. View Article
Joseph Parry: bachgen bach o Ferthyr. Book review. Wyn Thomas. View Article
Strikes and solidarity: coalfield conflict in Britain, 1889-1966. Book review. David Howell. View Article
The Hammonds: a marriage in history. Book review. Martin Francis. View Article
Dangerous diversity: the changing faces of Wales: essays in honour of Tudor Bevan. Book review. Sian Rhiannon Williams. View Article
Francis Fukuyama and the end of history. Book review. David Boucher. View Article
The heritage crusade and the spoils of history. Book review. Robert Dunning. View Article
Watermill: life story of a Welsh cornmill. Book review. R.J. Moore-Colyer. View Article
Tarmac papers, no.1 (1997): quarry products number. Book review. Paul Reynolds. View Article
Articles relating to the history of Wales published mainly in 1997 : Welsh history before 1660 / R. K. Turvey. View Article
Articles relating to the history of Wales published mainly in 1997 : Welsh history after 1660 / Peter Freeman. View Article
Index to volume 19 : Articles and lists. View Article
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