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Miles Salley, Bishop of Llandaff Robert W. Dunning. View Article
Priest and patron : a study of a gentry family's patronage of the church in south-west Wales in the later Middle Ages / Roger K. Turvey. View Article
The last days of the chantries and shrines of Monmouthshire Madeleine Gray. View Article
John Wesley a'r iaith Gymraeg A. H Williams. View Article
An Editorial note View Article
The pilgrimage to St Michael's Mount : Catholic continuity in Wales / Michael R. Lewis. View Article
Bishop Watkin Williams and the 'Lambeth farce' John R. Guy. View Article
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South western Catholic history R. L. B. View Article
The number of Clergy in Wales R.L.B. View Article
Archdeacon D. R. Thomas and the 'History of the Diocese of St Asaph' T. W. Pritchard. View Article
The Welsh and their religion. Book review. D.T.W. Price. View Article
Atlas of Cistercian lands in Wales. Book review. Janet Burton. View Article
Clergy of the Ancient Parishes of Gwent. Book review. Arthur Edwards. View Article
The Reformation in Wales. Book review. J. R. G. View Article
Lord Powis and the extension of the Episcopate. Book review. T.W. Pritchard. View Article
A history of Saint David's University College, Lampeter. Book review. Brian Ll. James. View Article
A history of the Church in Wales in the Twentieth Century. Book review. Christopher Herbert. View Article
Edwin Morris, Archbishop of Wales. Book review. J.R.G. View Article
Fragments of a life. Book review. Ena Jenkins. View Article
A history of All Saints' Church, Oystermouth. Book review. Geraint Vaughan-Jones. View Article
St Joseph's, Penarth : A brief history of the Parish and Catholic Penarth. Book review. Dom Aidan Bellinger. View Article
The Annual report of the Glamorgan Archivist, 1990. Book review. R. L. B. View Article
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