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Welsh religious history? Keith Robbins. View Article
The Edwardian Reformation in Wales Glanmor Williams. View Article
The diocese of Llandaff in 1563 Madeleine Gray. View Article
Periodical articles on Welsh religious history, 1989-1991 compiled by F. G. Cowley. View Article
Christianity in Celtic lands : a history of the churches of the Celts, their origin, their development, influence and mutual relations. Book review. Patrick Thomas. View Article
The Welsh Saints : A study in patterned lives. Book Review. Dafydd Stephens. View Article
Celtic Christianity, Fact or Fantasy?. Pennant Melangell, Place of Pilgrimage. Book Review. J. R. G. View Article
Native Law and the Church in Medieval Wales. Book Review. Norman Doe. View Article
The Irish Church in the 11th and 12th Centuries. Book Review. David H. Williams. View Article
Agweddau ar Dwf piwritaniaeth yng Nghymru yn yr ail Ganrif ar bymtheg. Book Review. Daniel J. Mullins. View Article
A short, plain help for parents and heads of families, to feed their babes with the sincere milk of God's word. Book Review. Peter White. View Article
The Jews of South Wales. Historical studies. Book Review. Ursula R. Q. Henriques. View Article
Just the right man, John Richard Worthington Poole-Hughes, 1916-1988. Book Review. J. R. G. View Article
The organists and organs of the Welsh cathedrals in the 20th Century. Book Review. Richard Fenwick. View Article
LLanmadoc and Cheriton. two north Gower Churches and their parishes. Ystradowen. 'They did it their way' Book review. J. R. G. View Article
Euros Bowen, priest-poet/bardd-offeiriad. Book Review. R. Gerallt Jones. View Article
I, conker... being the true confessions of a post modernist angel with special responsibilities for Wales. Book Review. Jean Guy. View Article
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