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The synod of Llanddewi Brefi Bryan J. Holmes. View Article
The cloister and the hearth : Anthony Kitchin and Hugh Jones, two reformation bishops of Llandaff / Madeleine Gray. View Article
Traitors and compromisers : the shadow side of the Church's fight against disestablishment / Roger L. Brown. View Article
A question of monastic independence : Caldey Island's status as an ecclesiastical peculiar in the early twentieth century Rene Kollar. View Article
The records of the Welsh Church Commission held in the National Library of Wales : a brief guide / Michael J. Pearson. View Article
The Venerable Owain William Jones [1921-1995] : with a bibliography of his principal works / D. T. W. Price and Brian Ll. James. View Article
Periodical articles on Welsh religious history published 1992-3 compiled by F. G. Cowley. View Article
'Disestablishment in Wales' : report of the Welsh Religious History Society day conference at St Asaph, 15 October 1994 / Keith Robbins. View Article
Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church. Book Review. Glanmor Williams. View Article
A lanterne to their feete : Remembering Rhys Pritchard 1579-1644, vicar of Llandovery. Book Review. Alan Luff. View Article
Praidd bach y bugail mawr : Seiadau Methodistaidd De-Orllewin Cymru 1737-50. Book Review. Glyn Tegai Hughes. View Article
Spiritual pilgrim: A reassessment of the life of the Countess of Huntingdon. Book Review. Alan Harding. View Article
Church, State and Society 1760-1850. Book Review. J. R. G. . View Article
A tale of two grandmothers. Memoirs of an ecumenist 1965-85. Book Review. Gethin Abraham-Williams. View Article
Total community. The monks of Caldey Island. Book Review. Rene Kollar. View Article
The Cathedral Church of St John the evangelist, Brecon. Book Review. Niall Hamilton. View Article
Vicars of Llangynwyd. Book Review. View Article
Escape: an episode in the life of John Richard Worthington Poole-Hughes, Bishop of Llandaff 1975-85. Book Review. View Article
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