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Iolo Morganwg (1747-1826), bardism and Unitarianism D. Elwyn Davies. View Article
Smoke and prayer: Industry and religion Cwmafan in the nineteenth century Ieuan Gwynedd Jones. View Article
A Welsh bishop and a monastic brotherhood : the case of Bishop John Owen, the Anglican Benedictine monks, and the role of episcopal authority / Rene Kollar. View Article
Periodical articles on Welsh religious history published mainly during 1996 F. G. Cowley. View Article
Obituary : Professor Emeritus D. Simon Evans MA, BD, BLitt, DLitt, 29 May 1921 - 4 March 1998 / J. E. Caerwyn Williams. View Article
The Revd Professor Robert Tudur Jones DPhil, DD, DLitt (1921-1998) D. Densil Morgan. View Article
N. F. S. Grundtvig. An introduction to his life and work. Essay review. View Article
St Davids episcopal acta 1085-1280. Book Review. Janet Burton. View Article
The Charters of the Abbey of Ystrad Marchell. View Article
Wales and the reformation. Book Review. K. J. View Article
Visitation articles and injunctions of the early Stuart Church, II. Book Review. J. R. G. . View Article
The Welsh language before the industrial revolution. Book Review. Geraint H. Jenkins. View Article
Religion and Society in England and Wales 1689-1800. Roger L. Brown. View Article
Visitation studies of the Diocese of York 1761-1776. J. R. G. View Article
The Diocese of Killaloe; 1850-1904. Book Review. View Article
Gwalia in Khasia: a visit to the site, in India, of the biggest overseas venture ever sustained by the Welsh. Book Review. Glyn Tegai Hughes. View Article
A genial, kind divine. Watkin Herbert Williams 1845-1944. J. R. G. View Article
Church and Clergy at Castle Caereinion. J.R.G. View Article
The Bute church patronage in Glamorgan : an additional note / Roger L. Brown. View Article
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