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Giraldus Cambrensis and the sexual agenda of the twelfth-century reformers Thomas O'Loughlin. View Article
'To preserve our language' : Gruffydd Robert and Morys Clynnog / Paul Bryant-Quinn. View Article
A providential rescue? Griffith Jones and the malabar mission E. D. Evans. View Article
Dean Charles Vaughan, A. J. Williams and the disestablishment debate of November 1885 J. Graham Jones. View Article
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The search for Christian unity in Wales : the beginnings / Noel A. Davies. View Article
Emynau a Llythyrau Ann Griffiths. essay review. Kathryn Jenkins. View Article
The cistercians in the early middle ages. Book Review. Janet Burton. View Article
Robert Ferrar: Yorkshire monk reformation Bishop and martyr in Wales. Book Review. R. Geraint Gruffydd. View Article
Llandaff figures and places, aspects of the ecclesiastical history of Llandaff. Book Review. William Gibson. View Article
Y Fywiol Ffrwd; bywyd a thystiolaeth bedyddwyr Cymru (1649-1999). Book Review. Wynn Vittle. View Article
Edmund Rice, 1762-1844. Book Review. Thomas O'Loughlin. View Article
David Howell a pool of spirituality: a life of David Howell. Book Review. Frances Knight. View Article
Hugh Price Hughes: founder of a new Methodism, conscience of a new nonconformity. Book Review. Rhidian Griffiths. View Article
Seeking God's kingdom: The nonconformist social gospel in Wales 1906-1939. Book Review. Gethin Rhys. View Article
Grym y gair a fflam y ffydd. Book Review. R. Watcyn James. View Article
Warsaw Words, Book Review. Valerie Morgan-Guy. View Article
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