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From Beulah land to Cyber-Cymru Wayne Parsons. View Article
The production of national identity in Wales : higher education and the Welsh language / Luke Desforges and Rhys Jones. View Article
Industrial enclaves or embedded forms of economic activity? : overseas manufacturing investment in Wales / N. A. Phelps and Danny MacKinnon. View Article
A new economic development model for the new Wales Molly Scott Cato. View Article
The digital value chain and economic transformation : rethinking regional development in the new economy / Glyn Williams. View Article
It's still there! : maintaining the glass ceiling in Wales / Nickie Charles [et al.]. View Article
The economic and social consequences of the closure of BP Llandarcy Ian Barney [et al.]. View Article
Devolution, parties and new politics : candidate selection for the 1999 National Assembly elections / Jonathan Bradbury [et al.]. View Article
From Parliament to Assembly : changing voter behaviour in Wales between the 1997 General Election and the 1999 National Assembly Election / Ron Johnston. View Article
Inclusive governance? : the case of 'minority' and voluntary sector groups and the National Assembly for Wales / Paul Chaney, Tom Hall and Bella Dicks. View Article
Public-service-sector employment and public-private wage differentials : a research note / Andrew Henley and Dennis Thomas. View Article
The Welsh economy : a statistical profile / David Brooksbank. View Article
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