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Soil pipe networks : distribution and discharge / J. A. A. Jones. View Article
Rill patterns derived from air photographs of the Grwyne Fechan catchment, Black Mountains M. D. Stagg. View Article
The ownership and employment patters of small shops : a case study in east Swansea / G. Shaw. View Article
The decline of the British LeBlanc Alkali Industry in the nineteenth century-a spatial perspective M.H. Matthews. View Article
Issues in Developments in planning in Wales P.N. Cooke. View Article
Second home distributions and their evolution over time in Cemaes, West Wales R. B. Davies and P. N. O'Farrell. View Article
Analysis of settlements in Mid-Wales : a multivariate approach / I. J. Bracken. View Article
Migration in industrial decline : an analysis in a South Wales setting / G. M. Rees. View Article
Three models for the analysis of power relations in planning decision-making P. N. Cooke. View Article
Review article- The 'new' Geography from the O.U Richard H. Morgan. View Article
Review article- An inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan D. Austin, ; I.S. Farrington. View Article
Culture in crisis : The future of the Welsh language. Book review. Colin H. Williams. View Article
Linguistic minorities in western Europe. Book review. W.T.R. Pryce. View Article
Marketing Geography : with special reference to retailing. Book review. David A. Kirby. View Article
Portrait of the Brecon Beacons. Book review. Chris C. Park. View Article
Bodmin Moor. Book review. M.J.C. Walker. View Article
Iron Age and Romano-British Monuments in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. Book review. A.M.S. Kenwright. View Article
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