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The Right Hon, Principal Sir John Rhys, D. Litt., F.B.A Solomon J. Solomon. View Article
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The nature of morality and its bearing on the war : (Notes of two lectures delivered in Cardiff 8th and 9th November,1915). Sir Henry Jones, LL.D., F.B.A. View Article
Sir John Rhys - 1840-1915 Sir E. Vincent Evans. View Article
Stonewall Jackson, 1824-1863 Russell Jones. View Article
Prof. David Jenkins, Mus. Bac Messrs Elliott & Fry. View Article
Officers and men of the R.W.F., in 1848 : From Avray Tipping`s "Story of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers." View Article
The life and opinion of Robert Roberts : A wandering scholar, as told by himself. Robert Roberts. View Article
Commercial education in county schools "Un o Fon.". View Article
Syr barrug. Hiraeth Eifion Wyn. View Article
The way of Martha and the way of Mary R.F.Wright. View Article
The literature of vagabondage T. Huws Davies. View Article
London Dorothy N. Bonarjee. View Article
Industrial training Stanley H. Watkins. View Article
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Songs of the dug-out : At the dusk. a call. sparks. England. "Desespoir." D. Howard Tripp. View Article
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"Outlines of sociology," by F. W. Blackmar and J. L. Gillian : Book review. View Article
Poets and puritans. Book review. J. H. Atkins. View Article
A little book of quiet. Book review. View Article
The economics of war and conquest. Book review. M.L. View Article
Handbook to the model map of Wales. Book review. View Article
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, musician : his life and letters. Book review. D.E. View Article
Oxford poetry, 1915. Book review. View Article
Tales by Polish authors. Book review. Lilian Winstanley. View Article
The note-books of Samuel Butler. Book review. View Article
"Life of Viscount Bolingbroke," by Arthur Hassall : Book review. M.L. View Article
"The teaching of Christ," by Rev. E. G. Selwyn. "The story of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers," by H. Avray Tipping : Book review. View Article
Cymru. Y drysorfa. Trysorfa`r plant. Cymru. Y Drysorfa. Trysorfa`r plant : book review. View Article
Correspondence : The Welsh B.D. course. An appeal to the women of Wales. J. Pritchard. View Article
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