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Welsh History Review


Vol. 16, nos. 1-4 1992-93

Articles relating to the history of Wales published mainly in 1990 : i. Welsh history before 1660 /

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D. Clayton and H. N. Savory report on the excavation of a Neolithic hut
at Cefn Glas, Rhondda, and the significance of the implements found,
Archaeologia Cambrensis, CXXXIX, 12-20.
John Morley discusses the excavation of a Bronze Age shepherd's hut at
Graig Fechan on the Denbigh Moors, and the archaeological landscape of the
area, Antiquity, LXIV, 514-26.
An inventory of Iron Age and Romano-British small settlements in Clwyd
is offered by John Manley, Archaeologia Cambrensis, CXXXIX, 21-55.
J. E. Jones discusses the significance of a find of eight Roman coins at
Cemais in 1988, Anglesey Antiquarian Soc. and Field Club Trans., 1990, pp.
Excavations at the Roman fort of Forden Gaer in 1987 are described by
Kevin Blockley, Glyn Owen and Wendy Owen, Montgomeryshire
Collections, LXXVIII, 17-46.
On the basis of numismatic evidence, P. J. Casey suggests that Roman
troops were withdrawn from north Wales during the last decade of the fourth
century, Archaeological Journal, CXLVI, 320-99.
The history of the Caerwent Exploration Fund, and early-twentieth-century
excavations at Venta Silurum, are reviewed by G. C. Boon, Trans. Bristol
and Gloucestershire Arch. Soc., CVII, 5-26.
The nature of Christianity in Montgomeryshire during the Dark Ages, and
dedications to Welsh saints, are discussed by R. W. D. Fenn and J. B.
Sinclair, Montgomeryshire Collections, LXXVIII, 47-64.
In a discussion of cults of saints in Brittany, c. 850-1250, J. M. H. Smith
throws light on similar cults in Wales, Speculum, LXV, 309-43.
C. J. Arnold describes excavations of the outer bailey of Powis Castle,
which have revealed additional information concerning the castle defences,
Montgomeryshire Collections, LXXVIII, 65-71.
Andrew Welsh considers the themes of doubling and incest in the
Mabinogi, Speculum, LXV, 344-62.
Patrick Sims-Williams suggests connexions between Wales and Ireland by
drawing attention to the incidence of Irish names in Welsh literary and
historical sources, Celtica, XXI, 620-33.
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