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Radnorshire Society transactions


Vol. 33 1963

John Probert and his lawsuits. [2]

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Thomas Price, being subsidy men, to answer. Thomas Powell, having no
pity on her age and weak estate, refused to accept bail, but in cruel manner,
dragged her along the earth till she fell down as for dead. One Elizabeth
Probert her daughter ran crying and intending to raise some people to
apprehend the said Powell for her mother's murder, as she supposed. Said
Powell, running after the daughter, and having a great mastie dog, set the
dog on her, which held her fast till the said Powell came, and he beat
her cruelly, and she would have been murdered, but that she was rescued
by others. The said Powell ran away, leaving the mother for dead. After-
wards, by procurement of the said William Hay, Powell came to London,
and made an affidavit (set forth in detail), dated 10 June 18 Jas. I.­
Thomas Powell of Clerowe, co. Radnor, Yeoman, aged 30. This Ex-
aminant had brought Elizabeth Probert to a place called Ridspence near
Hereford. Robert Smith, Thomas Prichard and one Thomas Prichard who
was reported to be a Constable there, Watkin Prees, Moruce Prees, Thomas
Whitney, Roger Thomas. Wm. Prosser and others there present were
requested to aid in execution of the writ, and, having gone about a quarter
of a mile to a place called Whitnes Woode, being the highway to Hereford,
William Powell, son in law to the said Elizabeth Probart, Roger Powell
and Thomas Powell his brothers, Jno Probart, Wm. Probart, Elinor Powell,
Elizabeth Probart, Barbara Morice, Roger Thomas, William Prosser, used
opprobrious words to Examinant, and that she should go no further and
rescued her, and assaulted Examinant, etc., etc., etc.*
Defts. Wm. Hay, Thos. Powell als. Hay, John Vaughan als. Farthing-
gall, Hugh Powell, Henry Powell, Sibell wife of Thomas ap John, david
ap John, Thomas Whitney, Thomas George, William Powell, John Griffith,
Robert Whitney, Richard ap John, Howell Lloid and William James.
Plea and demurrer of Wm. Haye, Gent. and Thomas Powell. Sworn
14 July, 18 James I. Defts are charged with pressing or taking up maidens
to be sent to Virginia, but no names have been given, etc.
Answer of Hugh Powell one of the Defts. Denies all charges. Sworn
23 Apl. 19 Jas. I. (1622).
Plea and Demurrer of Wm. Hay, Gent. Sworn 1 Feb. 18 Jas. I.
(1620/1). On 9 Jan. 18 Jas. I. Humfrey East by his deed acquitted this
Deft. from the said Bill and all matters therein, and is contented that the
same be taken off the file.
William Powell, Roger Powell, and Thomas Powell, sons of Hn^h Powell
of Brilley (will 1617) were of the family who later lived at the Travely, Llowes.
This Thomas Powell is to be distinguished from 'Thomas Powell als Hay', the
later apparently setting the mastiff on Elizabeth Probert the younger.
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