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Radnorshire Society transactions


Vol. 45 1975

William Pennoyre : a Parliamentary entrepreneur /

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In the 1974 volume of the TRANSACTIONS of the Radnorshire Society
the writer contributed a paper on William Pennoyre, a wealthy London
businessman of the 17th century, who founded a school in Hay and who
made numerous benefactions to the Butler family, which at that time
lived at various holdings in the parishes of Dorstone and Cusop.
Researches by Mr. P. W. Coldham, a genealogist of Purley in Surrey,
and the writer, showed that Pennoyre was born William Butler of Dorstone
but was taken as a child to Bristol by his parents where their name was
changed to Pennoyre, presumably because of some family connection
with the Pennoyres of the Moor near Hay, but so far the nature of the
relationship has not been established.
Mr. Coldham's investigations also showed that Pennoyre had wide
business interests and was closely connected with the Parliamentary
party at the time of the Commonwealth and prior to the execution of
Charles I, but the extent of these ramifications was not realised until the
present writer made a study of the Calendar of State Papers Domestic
of the Public Record Office as far as it concerned William Pennoyre in
the Commonwealth period.
The findings are summarised in this note which is provided as a post-
script to the original paper.
William Pennoyre's business interests and Parliamentary contacts
were very wide ranging as is clear from the numerous references to him in
the Calendar of State Papers for the period 1642 to the Restoration of the
Monarchy after which, whether from choice or necessity, he rapidly fades
from the picture and devoted the remainder of his life to supervising
his estates.
For the purpose of this note, it will be convenient to classify the various
abstracts into groups. Where appropriate explanatory notes will follow
the abstract. The dates appended will serve to identify any particular
abstract in the Calendar.
(1) 28th December 1646. A memorial of all such as are accountable
for moneys for Ireland gives a list of Treasurers which includes
The English Parliamentarians had raised funds on the security of
confiscated Irish lands, part of which was used in the campaign against
the king.
(2) 8th September 1651. Colonel Berkstead, Maurice Thompson and
William Pennoyre to consider how the Scottish prisoners
may be bestowed either at the Tiltyard Greenwich or East
India House and Yard at Blackwall.
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