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Radnorshire Society transactions


Vol. 61 1991

The Radnorshire hearth tax return of 1670

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Edward: C02
Massey: RA7
Thomas: K1
Achmoll: Paul: CE6.
Adam: Jn: CO11; Wm: COll.
Adams: Jn: RA4.
Alington: Jn: RA4.
Allen: Jas: P10: Jn: P7: 10: Met: P8: Maud: P8: Rice: P10: Ric: RA4: Tho: C08:
Alsop: Mgt: PI.
Anthony: Andr: P6: Dav: P6: Tho: P7.
Arnell: Jn: RA12.
Arrowsmith: Tho: RA6.
Arthur: Mered: RH 13.
Ash: Alex: P2.
Awbrey: Wm: P4.
Bach: Fra: K15: Hugh: K12; Rees: K13.
Badam: Dav: P. 13: Jn. P7: 14: Rees: RH7: Ric: P13.
Bagnoll: Tho: P7.
Baker: Joan: RA11; Nic: CO 10: Phil: CO11.
Ball: Alice: RA4: Ric: Kl.
Bailey?: Tho: K17
Barber: Sim: RA4; Tho: RA4.
Barret: Dav: RA 12.
Baskervile: Jas: C09: P10: Jn: RA2: Mgt: P10: Walt: C09.
Batch: Tho: RA3.
Baylife: Jn: CE7
Bebb: Jn: K14.
Beck: Jas: K1.
Beddoes: Rose: CE2
Bedford: Jn: K 16
Bedward: Dav: CE15; Edw: RH7: Eliz: RHI: Evan: CE2: Griff: RH2: Hugh:
RH11: Hum: CE2: Jane: K18: Jun: CE2: RA15: Mered: K17: Steph:
CEll:Tho. RH7.
Bedworth: Hugh: RH11; Rees: RH12.
Beesley: Wm: RH10.
Benbow: Fras: RA4: Lew: K2.
Bent: Hugh: K1.
Berrow: Jn: RA12.
Bethell: Cath: P7: Tho: K18.
Betty: Tho: K1.
Bevan: Dav: RH12; CE15; K11; 16; Edw: RH1; 7; 11; 13; K12; Griff: CE15; How:
CE15; CO11; Hugh: RH12: Jas: P10; Jane: P6: Joan: RA1 Jn: RH11; 12;
CO10; RA2: 4: 12: K11; 12: PI: 6: 12: 13; Mered: P6; Morg: RH12;
Oliver: P6: Rees: CE11; K16: Rob: RA2; Rog: P6; 7; Steph: RH12; Tho:
RH7; 10; 12; Tho: RH7: 10: 12: K11; P7; 10; 13; Wm: C03; RA11; P1; 6;
7; 9: 10; 13.
Beynon: Dav: P9: Jn: RH12: Tho: C04: P9.
Bidwell: Rob: RA12
Blackwell: Bart: RA12.
Blayney: Morr: RA1; Sus: P13.
Block: Mgt: RA12.
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