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November 16th, 1943.
Dear Keidrych Rhys,
I feel I ought to write at once and let you know that last week-end in Cardiff
we decided to restart the Welsh Review." It will have to be a quarterly, of course
our paper quota settles that-and I propose to follow much the same lines as of old.
But the real purpose of my writing is that I shouldn't wish you to hear of this venture
accidentally, from other sources. Mind, for quite a while back I've been contacting
enough contributors to ensure that on the editorial side we were happily placed
should we decide to restart, but we are now past the ifs and whens and buts and
I'll be getting out a slip of some kind soon, and you shall have one. And I think
you'll agree that there'll be no shortage of material for either of us. There's a
positive mushroom field of contributors, and I don't doubt successive harvests from
under the soil.
There are some things I like very much in your Number Two. I'll admit I've
been once or twice tempted to let an axe fall on the necks of Wyn Griffith and
Merchant-for surely in Number One they laid them on the block ?
Llanelly Rectory,
20th September, 1943.
Dear Mr. Keidrych Rhys,
I have received and read the first number of Wales and have enjoyed it. May
I make a suggestion that after the practice of Digests and Penguins a brief
biographical sketch might be given of the chief writers. The Anglo-Welsh is a new
school and are unknown to a large number of us. I understand now that Mr. W. M.
Merchant is a young clergyman in the diocese of Monmouth. To re-read his article
in the light of that knowledge seemed to add a great deal to it. I am glad to find
that Welsh clergy are interested in all Welsh movements.
Yours sincerely,
D. Parry-Jones.
"Hafan," Llanbadarnfawr,
Tachwedd 2, 1943.
Annwyl Mr. Keidrych Rhys,
Gwelaf yn Horizon fod ail rifyn Wales yn cael ei baratoi. Y mae'r rhifyn
cyntaf gennyf ond erbyn holi yn fy siop arferol (Jack Edwards) deallaf na cheir yr
ail yno.
Amgaeaf archeb post (10/-) yn danysgrifiad am y chwech rhifyn nesaf, gan
ddechrau o Rif 2.
Cefais lawer o fwynhad allan o'r rhifyn cyntaf a gobeithiaf y caiff y Wales hwn
fywyd hir. Yr oedd yn flin gennyf golli Welsh Review ac fel un sy'n derbyn
bron bob cylchgrawn Cymraeg gresynwn ei bod mor anodd cadw un cylchgrawn
Saesneg yn fyw yng Nghymru.
Yn gywir iawn,
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