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No. 26 Summer 1947

Home to their mountains

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Upon this, imponderously for her goodly size, the other woman rose,
fduisquare, the shiny folds in her blue shapeless coat smoothing out as
she stood.
The door had been gallantly opened for Mrs. Pritchard's exit.
So pleasant, Mr. ­," Ellen assured a striding job-acting porter,
if anyone. She stepped gingerly onto the platform.
That other paused briefly, but with sober workaday dignity, before
the young fellow, like a publican's wife at stoptap.
You'll be glad to get away from that old Flanders. A death-trap
it is, my Emrys tells me. Ah, them trenches."
So hushed it was, this seemed a sad and intimate benison, like a
mellow double-base being strummed lightly into speech. A rich
evocative vibration seemed to stay when she was gone.
The train lingered scarcely at all, for there was none to board her.
After some mute moments he turned stiffly over towards the sprawled
soldier who was left and who, in response, tossed across the creased and
grimy "Everybody's." And he noted listlessly the two good-conduct
stripes on the nearer sleeve, an evil sign.
Got any tabs, mate ? enquired that paragon insidiously.
The prodigal sighed heavily and with a confused misgiving produced
a pitifully flattened carton of De Resque Minor. As though shielding
the tiny flame from a squall, they huddled momentarily together.
A Woman's No
A SHOPGIRL, I think," whispered Mr. Thomas. Mr. Davies
glanced at her and agreed. Then they both looked out to sea
and pretended to be watching the ships in the bay. They were always
on the lookout for girls, though it might be thought that it was time for
men in their station of life to abandon such things.. They often sat on
the promenade thus, with grave faces like respectable gentlemen, but
all the time turning their eyes this way and that as pigs do when snouting
for fodder.
Mr. Thomas and Mr. Davies were not old. Neither were they young.
They were of the indeterminate age of schoolmasters, fixed between
adolescence and age. They were experts on girls. They could tell at
sight the shopgirls from the nursemaids and the servant girls from the
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