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[In the Book of Reference, Parish of Llanasa, Ord. Survey,
1872, the following particulars are given — Picton, land
792.785; roads 26.659; railway 6.050; water 5.835; total
area of the township 831.329 acres. It is interesting to
observe that whilst in Axton, the larger township, there
were, in 1872, twenty woods, Picton formerly noted for
its timber, contained twenty-nine woods.]
The Llanasa Inclosure Act, 51 Geo. III., c. 149. — In a law
suit, Attorney General v. Mostyn, the late Mr. Charles Potts,
Solicitor, of Chester, made an affidavit filed loth February,
1854, in which the boundaries of the townships of Picton and
Axton were given in detail, these particulars would have been
inscribed in the affidavit probably for the purpose of defining the
Manor of Mostyn, which adjoins Picton and Axton, and would
have no further reference to the latter. (Note supplied by the
late Mr. Cope, Solicitor, Holywell).
Peter Moston (Piers Mostyn) was Sheriff of Flint, 6-7 Edw.
VI. and 1 Mary, 1552-1553, and was returned member of Parlia-
ment for the Borough in 1558. [See Taylor Historic Notices of
Sciatis quod nos tam in consideratione maneriorum et
Paroorum de Ostinghanger alias diet. Westinghanger Adling-
ton et Saltwood in comitatu nostro Canciae cum eorum juribus
membris et pertinentiis universis, ac diversorum aliorum
messuagiorum terrarum tenementorum et hereditamentorum
nobis per nobilem consanguineum nostrum Johannem Comitem
Warr:< et cetera et Dominam Janam uxorem ejus per quandam
indenturum barganizatorum et venditorum? quam manerii de
Southborough in dicto comitatu nostro Cancise cum suis juribus
et pertinentiis universis, ac aliorum messuagorium terrarum
tenementorum et aliorum hereditamentorum nobis per predic-
tum Comitem Warr: per dictam indenturam barganizatorum et
venditorum, de gratia nostra speciali ac ex certa scientia et mero
motu noetris et cetera dedimus et concessimus ac per presentes
damns et concedimus prefato Johanni Comite Warr et Dominae
Janae uxori ejus (inter alia) omnia illa messuagia terras teni-
menta prata pascuas pasturas redditus reversiones servitia ac
cetera hereditamenta nostra quacumque cum eorum pertinentiis
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