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University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
(One of the Constituent Colleges of the University of Wales.)
The Session begins in September. Lectures
commence early in October. Entrance Scholar-
ships and Exhibitions, open to both male and
female candidates above the age of 16, are offered
for Competition at the commencement of the
Session. Students are prepared for Degrees in
Arts, Science (including the Applied Science of
Agriculture), Law and Music. Sessional Com-
position Fee-in Arts, £ 12, in Science £ 16.
Sessional Registration Fee, £ 1. Men Students
reside in Registered Lodgings in the town, or at
the Men's Hostel.-Warden: Mr. E. D. T.
Jenkins, M.A.
Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall
of Residence for Women :-Warden, Miss C. P.
Tremain, B.A.
For full particulars apply to the Registrar.
The Monthly for Thoughtful Democrats.
Subscription Terms Annual, 7/6 post free.
Half-yearly, 3/9 post free.
To be had from the Welsh Outlook Offices, Newtown,
Mont., or from-
Messrs. W. H. Smith & Sons' Bookstalls.
Wyman & Sons' Bookstalls.
J. Heywood, Ltd., London & Manchester
Conlan & Co., Crosshall Street,
Mr. Thomas Jones, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool.
And through all leading retailers everywhere.
University College of North Wales,
(A Constituent College of the University of Wales)
The Session opens in October.
The College courses are arranged with refer-
ence to the Degrees of the University of Wales;
they include most of the subjects for the B.Sc.
degree of the University of London. Students
may pursue their first year of medical study at
the College. There are special departments for
Agriculture, Forestry, Electrical Engineering,
and Music, and a department for the training of
Elementary, Secondary and Kindergarten
teachers. The Entrance Scholarship Examination
is held in April. For further information and
copies of the various Prospectuses apply to
Secretary and Registrar.
Copies of the following may be obtained on application to the
"Outlook" Offices, Newtown, Mid Wales.
"The Eve of St. John "-a Comedy of Welsh Life
in two scenes, by J. Saunders Lewis. Price 6d., post free 7d.
"Ble Ma Fa ?"-Drama mewn un Act, Gan D. T
Davies (Trydydd Argraftiad). Pris 6c net, Gyda'r post' 7c,
Just Published.
"The Matchmaker. -Play in one Act, by Betty Eynon
Davies, Price 6d. Post free, 7d
Y Gloyn Byw.Chwarae un Act. Gan T. Gwynne
Jones, Pris 6c, net, Gyda'r post 7c,
Other Dramas are in course of preparation and will
shortly be announced.
Tair Drama. "Yr Unig Fab (Mewn Dwy Act) "Yr
Hen Iaith Y Melinydd." Gan H. O. Hughes, Cefn
Mawr, Llangaffo. Anglesey. 104 pp. Pris is. 2c. net.
Gyda'r post, is. 4c.
Ephraim Harris." Drama mewn Tair Act yn
Nhafodiaith Morgannwg. Gan D. T. Davies. Pris is. 2c.
net. Gyda'r post is. 4c.
"Dyrchafiad Arall i Ovmro." Drama, mewn dwy Act
Gan W. J. Gruffydd. Pris 7c. net, Gyda'r post, 8c.
Tir Na N-Og." Awdl Delynegol ar Beroriaeth. Gan
T. Gwynn Jones, M.A. 27 pp, Pris 6c. net. Gyda'r
post, 7c.
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