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Welsh outlook


Vol. 10, No. 9 Sept. 1923

The teaching of world history in the secondary schools of Wales

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It is better, for this reason, that two years out
of the four, or at least one of them, should be
devoted to the independent study of British his-
tory, unless the schemes of British and European
history are made to run concurrently throughout.
It is in any event desirable that the first year, when
the child will normally be about twelve years old,
should be devoted to the story of early times,
their remoteness being a great advantage for the
purposes of an elementary class. The young
child will understand the childhood of the race
much more easily than its manhood. There are
various obvious avenues of approach. One is by
the study of local history. A talk about some
Welsh cromlech or other ancient remains in the
school's neighbourhood makes an admirable
introduction to simple lessons about the men of
the stone age, their implements, their agricul-
ture, their modes of life. Or again, it is an easy
transition from familiar Bible stories to the early
civilisations of Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria,
Persia. It is not the names of the Pharaohs and
the Kings of Babylonia and Nineveh that are im-
portant, but the facts of the discovery of copper,
National Education: Concord
or Discord?
By Canon J. P. Lewis.
"I will give way to no man in my respect
for Welsh Nonconformists, but I do not the
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