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Gwent local history


83 Autumn 1997

Francis Lewis (1713-1802)

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Francis Lewis is assured of a special place in American history as a signatory of the
American Declaration of Independence, 1776. A facsimile of the signatures of the fifty-six
representatives of the colonies who signed the document appears in most American school
text-books, but few people here are aware of the local associations of this eighteenth-
century emigrant.
American sources furnish considerable detail about the life of Francis Lewis after he
had emigrated to New York, but details about his parentage recorded many years after his
death are less reliable. According to the Dictionary of American Biography, he was born on
21 March, 1713, 'the only child of the Rev. Francis Lewis, rector of Llandaff,
Glamorganshire, Wales, and Amy Pettingal of Caernarvon'. Julia Delafield, his great-
grand-daughter, who wrote his biography in 1877, mentions that his mother was 'the
daughter of the Rev. Dr. Pettingal, also a clergyman of the Established Church and settled
at Carnarvon'.
Order of birth? I
Blanche Susana Richard Thomas Francis Mary Anne
m. Henry Herbert (spinster) (Alderman of d. 1722 (Vicar of St. (spinster) m. Morgan
d. 1710 d 1717 Npt.) d. 1737 Woolos) d. 1726 d. 1740 Lewis
I m. Hester m. Ann
3 surviving John Hanbury Ann Hanbury
children (A famous b. 1710 b. 1713 b. 1717
(Bartholomew Pettingal was an Englishman who, as an iron-worker,came with the Hanburys, late 16th century).
FRANCIS LEWIS (1713-1802)
Thomas Pettingall (Panteg)
(mercer, Alderman of Newport
9 children born Francis Lewis
1704-17 1713-1802
1674 m. Priscilla
Francis d. 1726
antiquary d. 1713
Anne Francis Morgan 4 others
b. 1748 b. 1750 1754-1844 d. in infancy
m. Elizabeth m. Gertrude
Ludlow Livingston
The Pettingal Lineage
m. 1745 Elizabeth
Annersley of New
York (1715-1779)
(Governor of New
York, 1904)
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