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About the website

Welsh Journals Online provides students, teachers and researchers with free online, searchable, access to a selection of 19th-, 20th- and 21st-century Welsh and Wales-related journals held at The National Library of Wales and partner institutions. These materials cover a very wide range of subject areas, including humanities, social sciences, science and technology.

An innovative and dynamic web delivery interface allows the user to both browse and keyword-search a selection of the most significant journal and periodical titles – a resource estimated to contain 400,000 pages of text in both Welsh and English.

The website is maintained by the National Library of Wales and contains material licensed by the publishers of the journals. It excludes some material for copyright reasons. Use of the website is governed by terms and conditions.

Project partners

The National Library of Wales was founded in 1907 to collect, preserve and give access to all kinds and forms of recorded knowledge, especially relating to Wales. It holds the world’s largest collection of journals relating to Wales, alongside other printed material, archives, artworks and the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales. It is based in Aberystwyth in mid Wales.


JISC supports UK further & higher education and research by providing leadership in the use of Information and Communications Technology in support of learning, teaching, research and administration. JISC receives funding from all the UK further and higher education funding councils. It supported the Welsh Journals Online project via its Digitisation Programme.

Welsh Assembly Government

The Welsh Assembly Government carries out a range of functions for the citizens of Wales, and is the main funder of the National Library of Wales. The Welsh Assembly Government provided an additional grant to support the Welsh Journals Online project.


Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum (WHELF) promotes co-operation and facilitates initiatives in library services provision for higher education in Wales. Its member bodies and their staff have supported the Welsh Journals Online project by providing advice, filling gaps in runs of journals, and making their users aware of the resource.


Jouve are a publishing company based in France specialising in using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to digitise printed material. They have experience of handling many non-standard scripts, and undertook the OCR work for the Welsh Journals Online project which required the correct treatment of diacritics (accents) found only in the Welsh language, including ŵ and ŷ.